Structured Cabling

Some business operations may not need a dedicated IT person as the business maybe too small or too focused on what it does best. That doesn’t mean you can not enjoy the same level of dedication and expert advise that a larger firm with a dedicate IT personnel can. We offer contracted IT services and manage communication rooms by installing patch panels and fibre optic supported IT gear such as switches and routers.

Communication Room

Is your storage room and communication room the same? Are you afraid you might trip over cords and wires? Few hours of cleaning and organization by a professional cable installer will not only give a solid network but also more safe walking space. Learn More

Communication Room
Fibre Optics

Do you need the cutting edge technology - Fibre Optics? You can have Fibre Optics in every corner of your room. We provide Fibre Optics internet through our sister companies and our partners.  If you deal with a lot of media files, video chat, or have a large intranet then you deserve and need a Fibre Optic network. Learn More